• We are dedicated to providing personal customer service.
  • We have pens suited for one head to 200 head.
  • Morris Stock Farm, LLC will work with you to merchandise your Wagyu cattle.
  • Ultra sounding is available on request at Morris Stock Farm, LLC.
  • We carry storm insurance on all cattle at no extra cost to customers.
  • Morris Stock Farm, LLC is USDA age and source certified.
  • We are certified to feed cattle for EU export as well as being an All Natural Stock Farm.
  • Feed can be financed.
  • Free consultations available.

Kobe Tech E for Your Wagyu Cattle

  • Morris Stock Farm, LLC is the only feedlot at this time feeding the product called Kobe Tech E to Wagyu Cattle.
  • Kobe Tech E is a molasses-based product that is used to aid in better conversion, weight gain, and marbling.
  • Kobe Tech E is available to producers for their personal feeding program.
  • Kobe Tech E is manufactured on site by Kobe American Management, LLC.

Morris Stock Farm

Morris Stock Farm takes pride in giving individual tailor-made service to fit each customer’s feeding goals for Wagyu Beef.

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