The feedlot delivers the highest quality Texas Wagyu beef that can be found today and specializes in feeding Wagyu F1 and full-blood Wagyu animals.  Being Texas Wagyu, these animals produce a big and bold Wagyu taste! Cattle fed at Morris Stock Farm have won multiple award winning briskets and steak competitions.

Heart of the High Plains: Wonderful Wagyu

Morris Stock Farm donated Wagyu beef for the MS Beef-A-Thon June 11, 2017. These are the American version of the Japanese Kobe beef.  We take a Japanese bull with commercial cattle in the US.  We get really high quality meat. “After you’ve eaten it, you’ll be able to tell a difference”


Morris Stock Farm, LLC will tailor a feeding program to meet your feeding goals. Morris Stock Farm, LLC is interested in purchasing high quality F1 Wagyu Cattle.


Morris Stock Farm is actively involved in multiple cattle associations in order to learn and/or discuss with experts and other managers. We stay involved in issues and try to give back to the industry and community. Being affiliated with the cattle organizations and top Wagyu beef sellers allows Morris Stock Farm to continue to produce award-winning beef.

Morris Stock Farm

Morris Stock Farm takes pride in giving individual tailor-made service to fit each customer’s feeding goals for Wagyu Beef.

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